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Litho Printing

   Litho Printing

Litho print explained

In short, litho (or lithographic) printing uses wet ink and printing plates whilst digital printing uses toners on a press similar to a giant office printer! Digital printing is more suitable for shorter runs but at GRID Associates we believe that the is nothing close to ink on paper. Digital printing will never provide the tonal vales and depth the litho provides.

Litho in depth

• A significant area of cost in Litho Printing is ‘the make ready’ this is the cost and time involved in making the plates and in running the ‘spare’ material that is required until all the plate images are in register and the job can be run. However, once this is done the cost per copy will be cheaper than digital printing on longer printing runs.
• Printing is not limited to four colour process - special or spot inks (generally Pantone) can be included to enhance the job.
• Litho printing is much better for large areas of solid single colour. The colour comes out smoother and no pixels can be seen.
• The introduction of computer to plate making (CTP) has resulted in quicker plate making and modern computer controlled presses can speed up the process of colour control and getting plates into accurate register within minutes.

Heidelberg - Speedmaster SX 52
Commercial press- up to B3 • 15,000 sheets p/h

A true industry workhorse

The Speedmaster SX 52 is one of a kind in A3 format. Equipped with the latest technology, which provides an alternative way for printers to compete with web-to-print and digital printing.

Over the years Heidelberg have made several improvements to this presses predecessor and have introduced some excellent features including its ability to perfect (print both sides at the same time.

In addition to this they have it’s colours increased from four to five then to six. Nowadays the 52 is available as a 10-colour perfector, alongside a new Anicolor version with Anicolor inking units.

The versatility of the Speedmaster SX 52 is truly impressive and as such can handle almost anything thrown at it, please below some points of reference as to the types of job that the 52 can handle.

Small format print examples:

• Annual Reports
• Financial reports
• Proposal documents
• Sales presentations
• Sales brochures
• Mini brochures
• Letterheads
• Com slips
• Business cards
• Envelopes
• Product sheets
• Leaflets
• Hand-outs
• Calendars
• Jotter Pads
• Note Pads
• Packaging

Heidelberg SpeedMaster CD 102
Hi-End Commercial press- up to B1 at 700gsm • 15,000 sheets p/h

A reliable and versatile solution

The Speedmaster CD 102 is the universal straight-printing press for commercial, packaging and label printing. Equipped with innovative technology, it provides flexible processing of a large variety of jobs and materials with maximum flexibility. Its efficiency and cost effectiveness cannot fail to impress.

Easy to use, with short makeready times and integration in the Prinect workflow, the Speedmaster CD 102 achieves constantly high print quality at speeds of up to 15,000 sheets an hour. The CD 102 boasts an impressive scale of paper handling which makes it the ideal machine for all manner of projects including all types of packaging and food containers.

In addition, its ability to handle a Max stock thickness of 1mm at a Max sheet size of 710mm x 1,020mm make it a real champion among modern presses.

Litho print examples:

• Annual Reports
• Financial reports
• Proposal documents
• Brochures
• Catalogues
• Newsletters
• Calendars
• Stationery
• Product packaging
• Cosmetic packaging
• Display packaging
• Display Boxes