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Google adwords

   Google adwords

Advertising your business online

Google Adwords is an advertising platform which can be used to bring more traffic to your website.

This pay-per-click system is simple, effective and affordable, making it a great choice for small businesses who want to drive more traffic to their websites and ultimately attract more attention to themselves, their products and/or their services.

When using Google Adwords, you will have a custom ad which is based around a selection of relevant keywords which are all related to what you can offer to your customers. When people type these search terms into Google, whether they are using a desktop computer or mobile device, your ad will then appear prominently next to or above the search results, ensuring that it’s one of the first things they see.

You will be required to set a maximum amount of money that you wish to spend for each of these search terms, and you will only pay when a visitor physically clicks on your ad. This results in a fully controlled marketing platform that yields excellent results with no risk of marketing budgets spiralling out of control.

At GRID Associates we are on hand to help you to make the most of your Google Adwords campaigns. We manage them professionally and offer complete support.

Some of the many benefits of Google Adwords include:

• You have the ability to decide on your strategy, control your budget, and make changes whenever they are needed.
• You can make the most of your budget and boost your chance of making sales with the right support.
• You can run multiple Google Adwords campaigns at once to target each and every one of your key phrases.
• You have the ability to establish your business as a leader, build your reputation & place your adverts in the best positions.