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A proven alternative to many a London Agency, trading since 2000 and servicing a global client portfolio in a growing number of sectors.
We are a deliberately small team of talented and hardworking designers and coders and have friends and colleagues all over the world with whom we collaborate on a regular basis.

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Everything you need to know (hopefully)

Below you will find the most popular questions we are asked by new and existing clients. If you can’t find the answers to the questions you have please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help in any way we can
I'm keen to move my website to GRID Associates. How easy would it be to transfer my existing domain names and email?

Very easy. All we need are the details of your current web company and where your hosting and domain names are being looked after. We will then contact the relevant parties and sort it out on your behalf.

How much does a website cost?

A common misconception is that the more pages there are, the higher the cost will be, but this is not true if all the pages take on the same design and layout. The best answer is that it purely depends on the scale of design and functionality required. The difference between a design that takes 1 day and a design that takes 5 days is enormous in terms of quality and detail, and from a technical point of view – every extra function required takes more time to develop.

Like all agencies we have an hourly rate and base our quotes on that multiplied by how long we estimate the works to take. Once we asertain all your requirements we will be able to offer you an initial ballpark figure. If approved we will then write you a free detailed proposal.

Where are your design, development and support teams based?

The Team at GRID Associates are based in England. However, from time to time we made need additional assistance on technically demanding projects. In instances such as this we have a selection of highly skilled developers all over the world that we can call upon. There is no need to worry though, your project will always be handled by our UK team and they will always be your point of contact.

My company is not local to GRID Associates, Does pose a problem?

Not at all. We build websites and provide excellent customer service to clients who operate all over the world. We have clients 2 minutes down the road (they pop in for a cup of tea), in addition we have clients in London, New York, Dubai, Malta, Russia and many more (these don’t pop in for a cup of tea but we are happy to post you a tea bag or two) .

Once my website is built, is that it?

Absolutely not! launching your site should only be the start. After your website has been launched it is extremely important your site is maintained. At GRID Associates we take a keen interest in your business online with regular contact, suggesting new ideas and carrying out updates and regular planned maintenance. For more information on this take a look at our pricing tables which offer a wide spectrum of website maintenance packages to ensure that your site is performing to its maximum potential.

What other services do you offer?

As we have been in the industry since the early stages of web design our industry experience extends much further than Web solutions. Whilst most of our business these days is Website design & development we are, at heart Graphic Designers. This said we on hand to assist with any activity you need to promote yourself, your business or your products such as logos and branding, Business stationery, Brochure design & Print, Catalogues right the way through to email campaigns, SEO and online marketing . As developers we can follow any technical spec to produce stunning websites, database driven content management systems, e-commerce websites and any other kind of Internet based sites and systems.

Do you provide website hosting?

Yes. The majority of our clients are benefit from our hosting services. We choose the best server for your website.

Website hosting is necessary for your site to be seen on the Internet. We work the best
hosting providers in Europe to ensure we offer every client the best and most cost effective hosting solutions.

Utilising our years experience we will know exactly what type of hosting package is best for you and  your companies website needs. Once in place you will have the peace of mind knowing that your website will be secure, reliable and performing at its optimum efficiency.

Do you provide email?

Yes. Many of our clients are benefit from our tailor made email packages. We provide the latest IMAP, webmail and exchange email protocols to suit your business and staff requirements. We will take your business domain name and incorporate it with your choice of mailboxes and then support you with setting it all up on your preferred email client.

We offer different email packages designed specifically for different budgets and business types and are happy to suggest the best option for you. Once set up you will experience a faster, more efficient email service that will synchronise on all your devices. Please feel free to take a look at the email maintenance and Support section of our Service plans page.

About Us

We are a deliberately small team of talented and  hardworking designers. We have friends and colleagues all over the world with whom we collaborate when needed to help us provided our clients with beautifully crafted solutions to their unique requirements.

01376 311 919