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Content writing

   Content writing

The importance of effective communication

At Grid associates we believe the only way to produce effective website copy is to fully understand your business and your goals.

At GRID Associates we believe that your websites content writing is fundamental to its success! It’s more than selecting the right words and arranging them effectively within the site, your copy must effectively describe you, your business, it’s values and the products and services you offer. All of this must be delivered in a succinct and deliberate format that matched your sites navigation and design.

It’s all about giving the customer their first experience of your products and services, keeping them active, engaged, and interested enough to find out more and to take action.

At GRID we have been in the industry long enough to know that we don’t need to be masters of every discipline we provide, thats why we engage the services of  expert copy writers who excel in different market sectors including construction, financial services, specialist insurance and small to medium commercial companies.

Why is professionally written copy a must for todays websites?

Good vs Average content

The content of your website will determine how your new visitors will interact with it. If the content is engaging, relevant and informative, they will be more likely to continue looking through the site and potentially make contact or make a purchase whilst forming a positive impression of your business.

If your site lacks effective content or has poor quality, badly written text which is crammed with keywords (because someone said that's the way it works), it will most definitely create the wrong impression.

Not only is this babbling content a complete waste of time it is also damaging to your companies image detrimental to your SEO efforts.

Good vs Average content

It is much easier to initial attract and then retain good quality website visitors if your sites content is well structured and creatively written, after all the sole purpose of web site copy is be engaging and informative!

Excellent vocabulary, accurate spelling, grammar and structure will all help your business to look trustworthy and professional. A regularly updated blog or news section will keep your visitors up to date with your business and its activities and show that you are an active and dynamic company.

At GRID Associates we think it also extremely important that your web site text should be user-friendly, relevant and too fussy. Its should never come across as condescending or needlessly wordy.

More on being user friendly

In todays market quality content is expected from a user perspective, Gone are the days of copy and pasting the content from the company brochure!

Your web sites copy plays an extremely important role in achieving successful search engine optimisation. Optimising a site to perform well on search engines like Google can be extremely difficult, as the goal posts are continually changing with frequent changes in algorithms which affect the way sites are ranked.

No matter what changes Google introduce, the importance of good quality, user friendly content remains an essential ranking factor and something which will always add value to your website.